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Sunday, May 27th, 2018
Gurjant Singh accused of having links with fundamentalist group, he says he’s innocent

Gurjant Singh accused of having links with fundamentalist group, he says he’s innocent

by May 16, 2018 India

Melbourne, (Gurpuneet Sidhu): Gurjant Singh an Adelaide Uber driver by night and University student by day is accused of having links to a fundamentalist group in India, Gurjant has been named in his homeland being involved in the network responsible for condemning modern values. However, the University student has refused such reports and claims this is all lies, authorities have paid him many visits for expressing his extreme views on social media.

Last month in Punjab two radicals were arrested by Punjab Police who named Gurjant Singh as their leader.

The 28-year-old said he’s not an extremist and he has no idea about those two people who named him as their leader. He said his videos have never sighted violence.

Several complaints have been made against Singh to Federal police in Australia and a public petition to deport him. Police have visited Singh thrice as complaints say he is an extremist. Police have neither denied nor accepted the charges against Gurjant. He said he is ready to face any investigation.

Gurjant Singh said it’s just his views towards particular activities which he expressed online. Singers should not sing such type of thing which is not allowed in our society and culture.

“If youngsters follow them they will do the same, they just sing about the weapons and women”

He said they are defaming women through their songs. Gurjant said he is fighting against the vulgarity in songs which is promoting a culture of alcohol, drugs and promiscuous behaviour.

” It is totally against the social values of our religion and culture”.

He urges his followers to stand with him and his following on social media is growing impressively. He said my online videos are making an impact on youth in Punjab, even Punjabis in all parts of the world are watching my videos he added.

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